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The Aesthetic Edge: Where Innovation Meets Excellence in Beauty and Wellness.


In the busy metropolis of Bangalore, an innovative clinic is changing the norms in skincare, hair care, and dental services. The Aesthetic Edge, established by Alankar Gupta and Dr. Nancy Yadav, utilizes state-of-the-art technology and top-notch medical expertise to provide a unique experience for clients. Committed to maintaining high standards, this clinic provides top-quality treatments while also educating future aesthetic professionals.

The Aesthetic Edge was created by a pair of individuals, Alankar Gupta, an IIT graduate with a love for engineering and innovation, and Dr. Nancy Yadav, a 9+ years experienced medical professional. Their clinic, a standout in the competitive field of aesthetic medicine, is the result of their combined experience and skills. 

The latest technological advancements are central to every treatment at The Aesthetic Edge. The facility utilizes machines that are approved by the FDA in the United States to maintain the highest levels of care and safety. This state-of-the-art technology is enhanced by exclusive software that simplifies the process of onboarding and scheduling, creating a seamless and paperless experience for patients. Furthermore, patient information is protected through security and privacy measures in the digital EMR (Electronic Medical Records) repository.

The Aesthetic Edge provides a variety of services delivered by doctors who have more than nine years of experience. If you need skincare, dental care, or hair treatments, The Aesthetic Edge has everything you need. The clinic focuses on hydra facials, chemical peels, and Laser Hair Removal to ensure optimal skin and teeth health. Treatments like PRP hair regrowth and GFC hair loss treatment are options for individuals dealing with hair loss. In addition, the clinic provides services for removing wisdom teeth, microneedling with Dermapen, and high-frequency treatments for different aesthetic issues. Additional services offered are oxygenO, BOTOX, MNRF (Microneedling Radio Frequency), Fillers, HIFU(weight loss), Thread Lift treatments, with strict sterilization protocols in place.

Every patient is presented with before-and-after pictures after their treatments, ensuring transparency and satisfaction with the results. This comprehensive method of aesthetic care ensures that all of your requirements can be fulfilled in a single, convenient place, making it easier to maintain your beauty and wellness routine.

The primary focus of The Aesthetic Edge is to offer a thorough and personalized patient experience. It starts with visual changes, as patients can observe the effects of their treatments by looking at photos taken before and after their procedures. Counseling sessions use videos and real-life examples to fully explain processes, helping patients make decisions with confidence and clarity.

The clinic goes beyond the first appointment in its dedication to patient care. Free follow-ups are offered to guarantee continued satisfaction and handle any issues that may arise. Patient feedback is highly valued by The Aesthetic Edge, as it plays a key role in their ongoing journey of improvement. This approach focuses on the customer to ensure each patient feels heard and valued.

Aside from offering high-quality services, The Aesthetic Edge also functions as an Academy, educating artists, physicians, and individuals interested in aesthetic training and permanent makeup (PMU). This commitment to education guarantees that the most recent methods and innovations in aesthetic medicine are shared with upcoming professionals, promoting the progression of the field as a whole.

The main goal of The Aesthetic Edge is to enhance the natural beauty of their clients, building self-assurance and empowering them to reach their highest level of potential. The clinic aims to establish India as the top beauty hub in Asia, taking the lead with its creative and patient-focused methods.

Integrity, unity, compassion, and the pursuit of excellence are the fundamental core values at The Aesthetic Edge. The clinic’s operations are guided by these values, creating a reliable, united, and caring environment dedicated to maintaining the highest care standards.

The Aesthetic Edge is not just a clinic; it is a haven for beauty and well-being, combining technology and expertise to achieve outstanding outcomes. The Aesthetic Edge is establishing new standards in the field of aesthetic medicine by offering a variety of services, prioritizing innovation, and focusing on patient-centric care. Embark with them on a life-changing adventure to discover a realm of opportunities for achieving your aesthetic aspirations.

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