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Bollywood Star Mouni Roy Takes the Spotlight as Brand Ambassador for BlackZone Feature Phones & Smartwatches


New Delhi, 31th Jan 2024: BlackZone Mobiles, proudly announces the collaboration with popular Indian actress, Ms Mouni Roy as esteemed brand ambassador for its range of feature phones and smart watches. The association has fortified the growing popularity of the brand known for its unique designs, technological innovation and competitive pricing.


BlackZone has been leading in the “Make in India” success narrative, reaching out to smaller Indian cities and towns beyond metro markets. In a captivating reel shared on her official Instagram account, Ms Roy presented BlackZone brand to her vast audience, accentuating that it’s not just a phone brand but a style proclamation, with each phone exuding distinct features and vibrant colours.


While greeting her followers in Hindi and showcasing a feature phone manufactured by BlackZone, Ms Roy said, “Friends, today I present to you the brand BlackZone which is one of our ‘own’. It is not just a phone but a style statement. All phones of BlackZone which come in various colours have distinctive features.”


BlackZone offers you 4G feature phones which are not only pocket friendly but compact in size too. And the best part is these phones are manufactured in India,” she added while shedding light on the brand’s unique selling proposition and its dedication to contributing to the growth of the Indian economy.


BlackZone stands out not only for its chic designs and cutting-edge features but also for its resolute commitment to being a locally grown brand. The company, founded by Mr Karan Thukral, Chairman and Mr Kannav Thukral, Managing Director, takes immense pride in manufacturing all its feature phones and smartwatches in India.


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Talking about the association with the Bollywood starlet, Mr Karan Thukral, Chairman, BlackZone expressed, “We take immense pride in our association with Ms Mouni Roy, a rare talent in our country. Her journey, much like BlackZone, exemplifies resilience and the creation of a distinct identity. As a ‘Make in India’ brand, we have devoted ourselves to crafting unique mobile devices that blend high quality with affordability. From our pocket-friendly 4G feature phones to the stylish and functional smartwatches, each product echoes the essence of Indian manufacturing quality. I am confident that, through our association with Ms Mouni Roy, the brand will resonate with the masses, establishing a relatable connection with people.


BlackZone has an expansive manufacturing plant located in Sonipat, Haryana, underscoring its commitment to boosting local employment and fostering technological advancement in the region. The large-scale production of feature phones and smartwatches in India aligns with BlackZone’s vision to lead the country’s technological revolution.


The collaboration between Ms Roy and BlackZone marks a transformative chapter in the brand’s journey and reinforces the paramount importance of championing homegrown talent and innovation.


Mr Kannav Thukral, Managing Director, BlackZone said, “Technology has played an important role in connecting different parts of the country and helping smaller towns to partake in the economic growth of the country. One of our focus areas has been to offer well priced feature phones and smartwatches to common Indian people that not only help them keep connected but also help them in their work and businesses. With Ms Mouni Roy as our brand ambassador, we are confident to further strengthen our reach across the country.


In an era where “Make in India” transcends rhetoric, BlackZone stands tall as a brand that not only manufactures its products on Indian soil but also embodies the spirit of innovation, style, and national pride.


About BlackZone:


BlackZone Mobiles stands as a prominent mobile phone brand in India, marking its inception in 2001 with a mission to introduce technologically superior products to the Indian market, all at affordable prices. Over the years, the company has not only diversified its offerings but has also ventured into the realm of smartphones, smartwatches, and an array of mobile accessories such as TWS, earbuds, Bluetooth speakers, and neckbands.


Operating from its state-of-the-art plant in Sonipat, BlackZone Mobiles ensures nationwide distribution, with a robust network of over 400 distributors spanning the entire country. The brand’s remarkable journey since its inception attests to its multifaceted growth, solidifying its position as a market leader.


BlackZone Mobiles products are readily available through various channels, including popular online platforms such as Flipkart and Amazon, as well as brick-and-mortar retail stores and the brand’s official website. This strategic availability ensures that customers nationwide can easily access and experience the innovative and affordable mobile solutions offered by BlackZone Mobiles.


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