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The Asian Institute for Event Management (AIEM) Unveils Innovative Educational Model


Kolkata, 14th January, 2024: The Asian Institute for Event Management (AIEM) is thrilled to announce a ground-breaking advancement in vocational education as it unveiled its comprehensive event management institute. With a team of highly experienced industry veterans at the helm, AIEM set out to revolutionize event management education in India. The much-awaited grand opening took place today at the prestigious location of AD 91(Salt Lake), Kolkata.


AIEM’s curriculum, designed to transform eager learners into architects of memorable events, offered a unique blend of classroom training, an experience lab, fieldwork, and internships. The institute’s three-year and two year diploma program ensured that students effectively incurred no out-of-pocket expenses, with earnings from a paid internship program offsetting course costs.


Central to AIEM’s educational approach is the Experience Lab, a state-of-the-art facility where theoretical knowledge meets hands-on practice. Equipped with advanced setups for lighting, sound, LED walls, and special effects, the lab prepared students for the dynamic world of event planning and execution. The Experience Lab includes the innovative Décor Room, as a testament to the commitment to providing a practical, comprehensive education in event management.


AIEM boasts of a robust network of over 150 event professionals across India. This extensive network provides students with unparalleled exposure to diverse perspectives and practices in the event management industry. Affiliations opened up networking opportunities, internships, and practical exposure, empowering students to step confidently into the world of event management.


AIEM placed a strong emphasis on real-world experience through its Internship Program. Students gained hands-on learning by working alongside experienced professionals in various event management settings. The program is designed to blend classroom theories with practical scenarios, ensuring students are well-prepared for the industry.


On this occasion, Priyanka Bajaj, Dean and Co-Founder of AIEM’s said, “We are the first institute in India offering a comprehensive mix of classroom training, an experience lab, fieldwork, and internships. Our students, upon completing the three-year or two year diploma, effectively incur no out-of-pocket expenses, as the amount spent on the course is offset by earnings from our paid internship program and on-field training.”


Speaking to the media, Event Manager, Vikash Bajaj, CEO and Co-Founder of AIEM’s said, “My journey in event management began without formal training. While this experience has been invaluable, it is a path I hope the next generation can navigate more smoothly. This very vision led to the birth of our institute – to provide structured, comprehensive education in event management that I once longed for.”


On this occasion, Nitin Agarwal, Director and Co-Founder of AIEM’s said, “AIEM’s ambitious expansion plans, aiming to establish over 50 franchises across India within the next two years. This expansion underscores AIEM’s commitment to making its innovative educational model accessible to a wider audience. Within the next two years, we aim to establish over 50 franchises across India,’ Agarwal stated. This expansion underscored AIEM’s commitment to making its innovative educational model accessible to a wider audience, marking a significant step in the evolution of vocational training in the country.”


Prospective students interested in joining AIEM could follow a simple and straightforward admission process outlined on the institute’s website. For detailed information, they could visit


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