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Making Crypto Trading Accessible for All – An Inside Look at CoinEx’s Take on Serving Global Traders’ Needs for Diverse Trading Options


CoinEx, a cryptocurrency trading platform founded in 2017, aims to meet the diverse trading needs of investors globally and create a win-win industry ecosystem with its “User First” ethos. As the development of the cryptocurrency market enters a new phase where digital assets have become an integral part of global assets, CoinEx strives to provide simple, convenient, professional, and intuitive cryptocurrency products and services for investors worldwide.


CoinEx has been evolving its product offerings while improving financial management and other services to provide more financial trading possibilities for global cryptocurrency users. At the same time, CoinEx embraces different industries globally, aiming to create a win-win industry ecosystem.


CoinEx’s financial management services include Financial Account, AMM, and Crypto Loans, as disclosed on its official website. Here are the product introductions and highlights:


Financial Account

CoinEx’s Financial Account allows users to maximize their idle assets and earn additional income securely and reliably. Users can transfer their idle assets to the Financial Account, and the earnings come from 70% of the total interest income generated from leveraged loans and crypto loans.


The Financial Account offers simplicity, ease of use, flexibility in deposits and withdrawals, compound interest calculation, and no minimum deposit requirement. Users can conveniently and easily use CoinEx’s Financial Account without any barriers.


AMM (Automated Market Maker)

CoinEx combines AMM and order books in its AMM system. It automatically converts the fund pool into an order book. CoinEx adopts the Constant Product Market Maker Model algorithm, which provides liquidity to the market irrespective of order book size or liquidity pool.


CoinEx has opened AMM functions for hundreds of spot trading markets. Each market has its liquidity pool, and users can provide liquidity to the market by injecting funds into the pool. By becoming an automated market maker in that market, users can receive free rewards distributed by CoinEx based on market trading volume.


The revenue generated by CoinEx’s AMM primarily comes from fee rewards distributed by the platform. CET trading markets distribute 100% of fees as rewards to liquidity providers, while other AMM markets distribute 50%. Fee rewards are calculated on an hourly basis and accumulated in the liquidity pool. Users can withdraw their accumulated earnings when they withdraw their liquidity.


Crypto Loans

Crypto Loans provided by CoinEx offer users a financial service to meet short-term liquidity needs. Users can pledge their assets as collateral without selling them and borrow other assets. The borrowed assets can be used for trading, investment, or withdrawals.


CoinEx offers higher initial collateral rates than other platforms, allowing users to borrow more with the same value of assets and increase their capital utilization. CoinEx supports multiple cryptocurrencies as collateral, and users can pledge multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time when borrowing the same cryptocurrency. CoinEx’s Crypto Loans offer instant fund availability and flexible repayment.


In addition to the existing services, CoinEx launched Strategy Trading in February 2023. Users can create their investment plans using automated investment and spot grid trading features to simplify their cryptocurrency investments.


CoinEx is constantly improving its products and services and has launched features such as “Strategy Trading” and the Broker Program.


CoinEx also introduced the Global Broker Program to enhance the trading experience of professional traders while meeting their diverse needs. Through the Broker Program, CoinEx users can leverage advanced investment tools and manage their crypto assets more securely and effectively, ultimately enjoying a professional and comfortable trading experience.



Adhering to the “good, comprehensive, and fast” listing strategy, CoinEx provides over 700 high-quality cryptocurrencies.


CoinEx, while adhering to the “good, fast, and comprehensive” listing policy, focuses on listing high-quality projects rather than pursuing quantity. The platform carefully selects projects with potential and value to provide users with innovative, high-quality, and diverse investment options. Currently, CoinEx supports over 700 cryptocurrencies, covering various popular sectors and star projects such as Meme, PoW, DeFi, GameFi, SocialFi, Avalanche, Solana, Layer2, Cosmos and so on.


In terms of listing strategy, CoinEx adheres to the principles of “good, fast, and comprehensive,” with a priority on “good.” For listing projects on the platform, CoinEx employs multiple mechanisms, involves multiple teams, and utilizes rich evaluation criteria, resulting in a funnel-like listing process. Regardless of the popularity of a project, CoinEx’s listing team strictly adheres to a rigorous review mechanism, and if any aspect poses risks, the project will not be approved. This demonstrates CoinEx’s commitment to user experience and its adherence to the principle of “user first.”


Adhering to the principle of “user first,” CoinEx aims to create a win-win industry ecosystem


CoinEx recently launched the Creator Program and initiated a million-dollar special fund, open to all content creators passionate about Web3 and blockchain. Through official funding support and IP traffic creation, the CoinEx Creator Program aims to help creators grow rapidly and become global promotional partners for CoinEx.


By continuously developing the industry ecosystem and empowering various sectors, CoinEx aims to create a win-win industry ecosystem. Since its establishment, the CoinEx team has repeatedly expressed its commitment to the “user first” service principle. They strive to respond quickly to user needs, provide diverse services, improve user experience and satisfaction, and regularly optimize product offerings. CoinEx prioritizes platform security, stability, and efficiency while catering to the diverse trading needs of investors worldwide, to create a win-win industry ecosystem.


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